(V&G exhibition at Motel Spatie 2018)

Art, shape and memory

In the Vector & Golf artspace, the relation
between the drawing and part of its content
is arbitrary because the augmented files are
not stored within the shape of the trigger
itself. (2)
However, an effective trigger is a crucial
link between the reader and the augmented
data on the server of the app.
The triggers of the Vector & Golf artspace
are works of art.
This defines a work of art as; the structure
that enables a connection with an external
Such a coupled, external memory is a
creative memory. (3)
The material form of the drawing (ink on
paper) is permanent, but the virtual,
augmented content is not and can be altered
at any given time.
This situation is not unlike the active
visual experience of a work art like a
drawing, where the material form of the
drawing is permanent but the perception of
that form depends on personal experience,
predispositions, time etc.
in other words; the augmented artspace is a
portal to the content of the work of art and
at the same time it is a metaphor for the
experience of art.

Link to video V&G zine #1

Link to video V&G zine #2

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V&G zine #4


(1) Leyton, Michael. The Structure of Paintings, Springer-Verlag/Wien (2006)
(2)Shape itself is a kind of memory store. The shape of a dent holds information about the causal history of that shape. In other words; a dent is the imprint of the force responsible for its shape. See also; Leyton, Michael. The Structure of Paintings, Springer-Verlag/Wien (2006) According to prof. Leyton artworks are ‘optimized shape’ i.e. maximal memory stores and symmetry is the absence of memory(). In case of the Vector & Golf art space one might add that besides being a maximal memory store, the work of art is a crucial tool in a kind of procedural memory.
(3) According to Kevin O’Regan part of the human memory is also external memory. O'Regan, J. Kevin. The world as an outside memory. Canadian Journal of Psychology Vol 46(3), Sep 1992, 461-488.

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