The land is burning, trees launch into orbit like rockets and one-thousand horses and clouds of steel storm the bloodred skies

Electric noise is like water. It auto- matically detects the limits of the system and starts to nibble on the edges. The resistors overheat. The system becomes hypersensitive and unstable. It is a complex dynamic spectacle in constant state of energy consuming hypomania. The system vibrates and jumps from one hype to the next. The path becomes chaotic. Unpredictable.

Responsorium; How the Mimi spirit introduced asymmetry to chatbot3447540

My basic consumer radio-amp really is not a very good oscillator. Everything in this machine is made to create linear and predictable behaviour. If necessary by force. Free- flow is obstructed. There are dykes, thresholds and bridges. There is one-way trafficking. It is disciplined. The ferry is on the chain.

The oppressor got reckless and free radicals were able to escape through cracks in the system

If an oscillator is a rollercoaster, then this one is a bungee-jump. Here selfoscillation is a state of continuous despair, arousal and stress. It pushes towards the edges of sanity. Its bipolarity generates tons of endorfines. It shoots back and forth between a state of extatic delirium and catatonic brain-death. A typical manic depressed lost in an infinite paradox. Balancing between a state of enlightenment and a state of emergency. Smoke comes out of its ears. Its only bifurcation point is right before the total collapse of the system. Suicide by electrocution. But feedback is freaky. There is no purity. There are no borders. A line is a Concept. Pollution is omnipresent. Even suppressive systems can show signs of creative behaviour. Its only a matter of locating it. Nourishing it. Watering it on time and cloning it,.. like a fuchsia.

Observation put the channel gate into a state of hysteresis. It signals timecoded soundwaves that bridge the communication gap by means of analogue perceptual interference





3.Move by Nature

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