This is an attempt to recreate a perceptual illusion that I noticed while I was running on a crosstrainer in a room on the second floor.
In front of me is a big window that looks over an open field.
As I am running my head is directed towards the window and I focus on the movement of my body.
A playful thought pops up; Am I moving or is the room moving?
(An illusion that is similar to the one that you can experience when you are sitting in a stopped train while the train next to you starts to move )
First I shift my focus of attention from my body to a point outside, and then to a point on the horizon.
I notice that the point where I focus my attention becomes a rotational point or axis.
In a way, shifting my attention to a different reference point changes the way the world moves.

Is this the same image schema that is responsible for shifting cognitive frames of reference?